Choosing / Researching Topic & Writing a Handout / Article for a Women’s Leadership Forum


“Strategies for Women to Boldly Use Their Voices in the Workplace”


Choosing topics for an ongoing women’s leadership forum called the Women’s Leadership Roundtable (WLR), fully developing each topic through online research, and then writing a short-form blog post and a long-form handout for the WLR forum.

The project process described below is for the fourth Women’s Leadership Roundtable that occurred in 2019, entitled “Strategies for Women to Boldly Use Their Voices in the Workplace.”


  1. Determine topic for fourth WLR in 2019:
    What are effective strategies for short-circuiting backlash that occurs – or preventing it from happening at all – when women professionals “speak up”?
    a. Write the topic in the form of a compelling question.
    b. Write several sentences about why the topic is pertinent to leadership.
    c. Online research to determine three stats backed up by research.
    d. Include other relevant articles/links found in research.

  2. April WLR Handout: Strategies for Women to Boldly Use Their Voices in the Workplace
    a. Determined sectional focuses (three) to center and focus handout.
    b. Researched strategies for each section.
    c. Included relevant statistics.
    d. Provided in Word, PDF and Google Docs.

Writer, researcher, editor
April 26, 2019