“Baseline To Benchmark” Workshop Program: Marketing Sales Emails

Creating a series of six marketing sales letters (to be sent out as emails) promoting the client’s in-person workshop program, “Baseline To Benchmark.”

The creative process involved:

  1. Several interview sessions with the client to ascertain audience, goals, overall tone, as well as letter content.
  2. Obtaining journal quotes and statistics from client for use in the letters.
  3. Writing initial draft of first letter and submitting for review. One the client confirmed that the draft was what they had in mind, writing continued on the next five letters.
  4. Overall the six marketing sales emails went through three drafts before completion.
  5. Once the letter were formatted as emails, a final proofreading pass for basic grammar and word usage.

The example here is the fifth in the series of marketing sales emails.

Writer, Interviewer, Editor, Proofreader
March 31, 2017
Marketing Sales Letters (Emails)